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Adalhaid (noble sort)

Afanasiia (immortal)

Agafia (good)

Agafiia (good)

Agafya (good)

Aglaii (beauty, splendor)

Aglaya (beauty, splendor)

Agnessa (chaste; holy)

Agnesse (chaste; holy)

Agrafena (wild horse)

Agrafina (wild horse)

Agripena (wild horse)

Agripina (wild horse)

Agrippa (wild horse)

Agrippina (wild horse)

Agrippine (wild horse)

Ahmar (immortal)

Akeila (wise)

Akilina (Eagle)

Aksana (axana)

Aksinya (stranger, foreigner)

Akulina (eagle)

Albina (white)

Aleksandra (Defender Of Man)

Aleksandrina (defender of mankind)

Alena (torch)

Alewndra (defender of man)

Alina (light)

Alisa (noble sort)

Alla (literally)

Alma (Kind. Loving)

Alyona (torch)

Amalija (industrious)

Amaliji (russian form of amelia, industrious)

Ananya (unique)

Anastasia (Reborn)

Anastasiya (resurrection)

Anastassia (resurrection)

Anechka (Grace)

Anfisa (Flower)

Angela (Gods messenger)

Angelina (Gods messenger)

Ania (favor; grace)

Anielka (little angel)

Anitchka (Grace)

Anja (grace of god)

Anna (Mother)

Annick (gracious)

Annie (Prayer)

Annushka (favor; grace)

Anouck (from anoushka)

Anouk (favor, from anoushka)

Anoushka (little anna)

Anouska (diminutive of the name ann)

Antonina (Priceless)

Antoniya (invaluable)

Anushka (favor; grace)

Anuva (a new beginning)

Anya (Grace)

Anzhela (angel, messenger)

Anzhelina (angel, messenger)

Apollinariya (of Apollo)

Arina (peace)

Arisha (peace)

Asya (resurrection)

Avdotia (good-seeming)

Avdotya (good-seeming)

Avienda (beautiful and full of enegry)

Aylena (flower of the lotus)


Bogdana (Lord has rendered)

Bohdana (from god)

Boleslava (large glory)

Borbala (foreign; strange)

Borislava (battle glory)

Bronislava (glorious protector)

Bronya (armour)


Calina (derived from helen)

Cyzarine (royalty)

Czarina (empress)


Darya (Possesses a lot, wealthy)

Diana (Heavenly, divine)

Dimitra (from demeter)

Dina (Avenged. Judged and vindicated)

Dominika (of the lord, belonging to God)

Doroteya (gods gift)

Dorotha (gods gift)

Dunya (good-seeming)

Dunyasha (good-seeming)


Efimia (holy, pious)

Efimiia (holy, pious)

Efrosinia (joy, mirth)

Ekaterina (pure)

Elena (Shining light)

Elizaveta (God is my oath)

Elvira (Truth)

Emilia (The Winters Tale A lady attending on the Queen)

Emma (whole or universal)

Esfir (star)

Eva (life)

Evdokiya (good-seeming)

Evgeniya (well born)

Evia (russian form of eugenia, noble)

Evpraksiya (good conduct)


Faina (light)

Fayina (free one)

Fédora (gift of God)

Fedosia (Gods gift)

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Fekla (glory of God)

Feodora (gift of God)

Filippa (lover of horses.)

Florentina (Blooming)

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Gala (calm, tranquil)

Galina (calm, tranquil)

Galya (calm, tranquil)

Gasha (good)

Gavriila (man of God)

Grusha (wild horse)

Gulistanskiy (rose-land)


Helina (the light of the sun)


Inessa (gentle pure, form of ines)

Inga (Ings protection)

Inna (strong water)

Iolanta (violet flower)

Irina (peace)

Irinushka (peace)

Isidora (gift of Isis)

Iskra (spark)

Izabella (Devoted to God)

Izolda (Beautiful)


Jekaterina (pure)

Julija (descended from Jupiter Jove)


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Kapeka (little stork)

Kapitolina (big headed)

Karina (pure)

Kata (pure)

Katerina (pure)

Katerinka (little pure one)

Katia (pure)

Katiya (derived from katherine pure)

Katja (pure)

Katjusha (little pure one)

Katria (derived from katherine pure)

Kattrina (pure)

Katya (pure)

Katyenka (pure)

Katyusha (little pure one)

Katyuska (pure)

Kavya (poem)

Khrystalline (variation of the scandinavian kristina, christian)

Kira (mistress, ruler)

Kirochka (russian form of helen, light)

Kisa (kitty)

Kiska (pure)

Klara (clear, bright)

Klava (lame)

Klavdia (lame)

Klavdiya (lame)

Klementina (Merciful, mild, gentle)

Kristina (Follower of Christ)

Ksana (praise be to god)

Ksanochka (praise be to god)

Ksenija (stranger, foreigner)

Kseniya (derived from Greek)